Kris Paul

Working-Hands-5Kris Paul is a native of California but found the call of the wild to Oregon in 2008 and has immersed herself in the creative community of the Northwest.  She found her passion for ceramics by accident in 2001 at the local community college and has been a studio potter since. Kris has been producing a line of Naked Raku for the last twelve years and has continued to develop her process.  She has also gone back to her roots of producing objects for everyday use and firing with a simple palette in cone 10 reduction.

Her inspiration comes from the world around her and she finds beauty in simple forms both man-made and in nature.  An avid hiker, her pockets are typically full of natural treasures found along the way.  These objects inspire not only the forms but also the details.  Her work is strongly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, the beauty of things imperfect and incomplete.  “I don’t strive for perfection but for a balance, a harmony.”  Kris is a firm believer in form follows function, and the final product must be in balance as a whole.

Whether thrown on a potter’s wheel or built by hand, Kris’ work beckons to be touched.  Like a stone polished by the waters, her work evokes a response, one that she strives to impart. 

Naked Raku Bottle #3001, Porcelain 14 x 4 150 Kris PaulA recent trip to Japan has opened a new door of discovery  – Indigo and the binding technique of shibori. Kris has taken her love of fabric and textiles and combined with the same aesthetic that fuels her ceramic work, dedicated herself to a second body of work. Kris has created a line of scarves, bound by hand and dyed in an organic indigo vat.